Mono Burner Gas Oven


Product Code :DB-GM01


This type of LPG gas oven mainly used for domestic cooking purpose. This oven contains only one burner for at a time cooking. It has Stainless Steel made special type body; ‘Antimony’ made burner socket; ‘Brass’ made ‘Gas Outlet’, ‘Pan Support’, and ‘Internal part of Gas Controller’. It has controllable flame for heating variation, low fuel consumption, and low maintenance. LPG at 2.942 KN/m (30gf/cm) is used as fuel.

Specification (approx.): -

1) Height: 10 Cm.
2) Breadth: 32 cm
3) Length: 32 cm
4) Rating of Burner: 189 Gm/Hr., 2064 Kcal/hr.


Single piece box packing. On call special type of group packaging available.   

Price : On Call


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