Regular Special Pressure Stove


Product Code :DB-SP03


This pressure stove mainly used for domestic cooking purpose. Kerosene is used as fuel for this stove. It has high speed roaring flame, good heating capacity for cooking.
This pressure stove has expanded heavy iron channel made frame, horizontally mountain iron made oil tank at one side of the frame, air blower and oil cap with tank-pressure controller on the oil tank, centrally located burner at the frame.

Special Feature:
Heavy frame structure has great loading capacity. Hard base. Has ‘Iron Ring’ on the top for better utility of heat on utensils. Oil tank made of thick sheet for absorbing much tank pressure and better flame for cooking, heavy type ‘tank air blower’, better finishing.
Has perfectly good quality spare parts attachment.

Specification (approx.): -

1) Height: 18 cm
2) Breadth: 28 cm
3) Length: 44 cm
4) Weight: 2.6 Kg
5) Tank Capacity: 2.8 liter, Max oil capacity: 2.3 liter; rest of the tank will be filled by air for air-pressure generation.
6) Burner Type: Burner No.-2(accordingly size specification); heavy quality.


Single piece box packing and group packing for six pieces.   

Price : On Call


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